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Sonia in San FranciscoSONIA ZAMBORSKY:
Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, Sonia has been enamored with travel ever since her first international trip at age 10. (And many of you know the story of her traumatic, if short-lived, stint as an award-winning Slovak karaoke performer.) After obtaining a degree in International Affairs, though, she went into nose-to-the-grindstone mode and eventually got sucked into the IT vortex of the dot-com era. She & Mark co-founded and sold two businesses and Sonia wound up Working for The Man as a Senior Project Manager in Marriott's eCommerce department. Managing Marriott's global websites allowed her a few bits of travel from time to time, but the urge to see the world was just too strong. Read more about her decision to undertake this travel project in the "Why We're Doing This" section.

This trip is dedicated to my grandmothers, my mom, my sister, and sassy independent women travelers everywhere!

Mark jammin' with the BC Rich gearMARK SCHRAMM:
Not much international travel for him, at least until he met Sonia. Prior to that, it had been less than a day on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls and a 90-minute visit to Tijuana. In 1998, after patiently tempting him with travel ideas for seven and half years, she dragged him nearly kicking and screaming over to Greece for three beautific and life-changing weeks of long overdue international adventure. He even got a little bit of a tan... Other international sojourns followed, including the Philippines, Japan, Amsterdam, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and a handful of tiny Caribbean countries.

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And here are a few silly pics...

Tired but happy in an underground restaurant in Prague mmmmm, Guinness! Dublin, April 2007

bzzzing around Montmartre grillin' up some tandoori chicken!



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