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TwitterEvery Friday on Twitter is #followfriday, which is an opportunity to recommend interesting people for others to follow. As with everything on Twitter, it's a fascinating exercise. Everyone has their own MO... some blast out a series of tweets with endless strings of names. Some pick one or two outstanding people each week and give them a thorough write-up. (Or at least as thorough as you can be in 140 characters.) Most do something in between, where they group people by topic and send out contextual lists.

But here's my dilemma: I have discovered a LOT of great tweeps. I try to give them individual shout-outs as appropriate, by re-tweeting their material or giving them kudos on other days of the week. But I can't possibly list them all in my followfriday tweets. It would take all day. Instead I tend to pick a handful who have provided particular value that week, but then I feel like I'm leaving someone out undeservedly.

So, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I've decided to follow @dcgrrl's model and create a "Tweeps I like" page that contains a running list of my favorite tweeple. This gives me a chance to briefly say *why* I think you might want to follow these folks. I'll add to it each week, as time permits.

This is also a good time to mention our new blogroll, which you can find in the "Blogs We Love" section in the right column of the blog area. This is a grouping of sites we read regularly, mostly travel-related but spanning a few other topics of interest like wine, food, and gardening.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order...

Tweeps I like

Travel Mavens - General
@whereivebeen deserves special mention (and not just cuz they sent me a free patch) for consistently providing fun articles, tips, and tidbits. And inventing #traveltuesday!

Tweeps I'd love to travel with: @nerdseyeview, @LindaJMartin and @craig_martin, @chrisguillebeau, @nomadicmatt, @wanderluster, @everywheretrip, @ottsworld, @laradunston, @almostfearless, @evaholland, @travelinganna, @theplanetd, @marinavillatoro, @velvetescape, @rtwdave, @joanna_haugen, @GotPassport, @20sTravel, @LandLopers, @AOBDolce, @artofbackpackin, @WorldLillie, @llworldtour, @savvytravelblog, @CareerBrkSecret, @solotraveler. (Most of these folks have fabulous travel blogs as well.)

Special shout-out to the debased and debauched crew of tbexB. Someday we'll all be in the same place at the same time, and the apocalypse can begin.

Meet,Plan,Go masterminds and vuvuzela vixens @ottsworld & @CareerBreakHQs are bringing folks together this September to share info about career breaks. If you're not already following them, DO IT. NOW.

Much love & gratitude to my Meet,Plan,Go DC panelists @NicPiz, @20sTravel, @RichCarlson3, Tara of @InterExchange, and moderator @awaykate. (Also to panelist Kathleen Duffy, but I don't know if she's on Twitter.)

Other travel rockstars: @rickseaney, @wendyperrin, @elliottdotorg, @Marilyn_Res, @journeywoman, @deliciousbaby, @SoSauce, @jenleo, @MatadorNetwork, @BootsnAll, @KimMance, @jimbenning, @myessis, @mikebarish, @SpudHilton, @davidfarley.

I also love FareCompare's city-specific tweets (for example, I follow @flyfromWAS to get DC-related deals.)

Travel - all things Italy
@TravelwithJulie & @CiaoLaura are both living the dream, showing folks how to enjoy the best that Italy has to offer. I want to be them when I grow up. :)

@ItalyTravelista posts awesome tips about visiting Rome, and is a total sweetheart to boot.

@MyMelange, @MissExpatria, @divinacucina, @dreamofitaly, @italylogue, @robbin_g, @AKNickerson, @ItalianAmerGirl, @katieparla, @umbrialovers provide a wealth of info about Italy, with wit and aplomb.

And our favorite agriturismo @LaTavolaMarche has recently joined the Twitterverse, yay!

@ShawnaCoronado has several wonderful blogs about gardening and wellness, and is chock fulla wisdom about anything green.

@EatingWell, @JamButter, @ethicurean, @eartheats, @meredithmo, @obamafoodorama provide stellar info about food policy and the locavore movement.

@WDCGardener is not only the editor of Washington Gardener magazine, but also slings green tips on NPR and via the DC Urban Gardeners group.

@robynwebb and @foodiegirls are the backbone of the most excellent @DCFoodiesDoGood group, and @Steeler_Gal is our #1 volunteer

Sacha Cohen tweets groovy green goodness via her personal account (@goinggreendc) and her company (@grassfedmedia).

@herbanlifestyle offers scrumptious handcrafted herbal bath & body products and tweets & blogs wonderful organic/gardening tips. She also makes the best lavender cookies on the planet. :)

Best DC info
@dcgrrl always tweets cool local stuff, and anyone who's a fan of Spinal Tap is tops in my book.

@scormeny is particularly knowledgable about the DC theater scene.

@HappyFunTime, @EatDC, @emilyking are in the know about what's going on around town, and I look forward to their groovy tips.

@vatourismpr is a really helpful source for travel within VA.

@WeLoveDC is an excellent and very sassy site for DC insider goodies, and their tweets encapsulate the best of the best.

@Sisarina is THE connective tissue of the DC social media scene! And she happens to be a cool chick to hang out with.

@NicPiz is a must-follow for any women entrepreneurs. She has great stories about living in Italy, too!

My favorite winos
@raelinn_wine has a dream job selling wine and loves to share her knowledge of the vine.

@vintrospective could also go in the "Italy" pile as he has a wealth of Italian wine tips.

@twesommelier & @KevinZraly are my faves on #winewednesday.

@thewinewhore recently added me to The Wine Whore Crew, where wine is always fun!

@Redwhiteandbleu, our awesome local wine & cheese shop, also tweets from time to time.


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