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Use the links at the bottom to browse by keyword or country. For example, use the "Costa Rica" link to see all pics from Costa Rica, but use the "Manuel Antonio" link to see only those pictures taken at Manuel Antonio park. You can also filter for pictures of Mark, Sonia, both of us, or oktapodi. Here are a few recent collections, organized chronologically:

South Africa and Mozambique, Oct 2012:

Kruger Park safari pics

our Habitat team

building a house in Xai-Xai

Sheila Chipenhe ladies
Kruger Park safari our Habitat team

Habitat build
in Xai-Xai

kids of Chipenhe village

ladies of Chipenhe village

Brazil, Feb 2012:

Corcovado decktastic Sugarloaf cable car
O Cristo Redentor
& Corcovado
Sambadrome parades Arraial do Cabo

Pão de Açúcar

2011 adventures:

on Justin & Andrea's farm TBEX and Vancouver Vancouver pics  Finger Lakes winery-hopping MPG DC 2011 
Kamloops TBEX11/Vancouver Finger Lakes+ Meet, Plan, Go! 2011+ 

2010 adventures:

the gang at Torrey Pines
San Diego
Williamsburg pics



Meet, Plan, Go! 2010

Burning Man+

Italy 2009:
Castello della GuiataSan Marino her royal highness FrancescaPerugia fresh produce at the Fano marketFano & Gradara
Rocca Maggiore rockedAssisi barrels at Tenuta di TavignanoJesi area wineries Italy's next Top ChefsLTM cooking class
oktapodi at Rocca RoverescaMondavio off the beaten path in FossombroneFossombrone Anghiari, a classic hilltownSansepolcro/ Anghiari
denizens of Apecchio check out the festApecchio Urbino picsUrbino Furlo GorgeFurlo
Il TorrioneCagli Frontone castleFrontone Sant'Angelo in Vado and the Metauro RiverSant'Angelo in Vado
fabulous funghiSan Sisto almost locked up in Castello BrancaleoniPiobbico & Urbania La Tavola MarcheLa Tavola Marche
spritz!Treviso we loved Venice!Venice & Murano Firenze DuomoFlorence

Italy photos by region:
Tuscany | Veneto | Le Marche | Umbria

US adventures, 2009:
Osyrusfest 2009
Osyrusfest 2009
oktapodi at VA Beach
Virginia Beach
Glenn and Mark rawk out
American Giant

Malaysia, Nov/Dec 2008:
our new friend William in PenangPenang Petronas Towers loom over downtown KLKuala Lumpur amazing diving at Sipadan and other sites around SempornaSemporna
(and Sipadan dives)
bewildered tarsier encountered on a night hike in the jungleKinabatangan traditional Bornean artKuching  

Thailand, Nov 2008:
gold chedi at Wat Phra KeowGrand Palace Complex & Wat Pho Wat Hong temple in ChachoengsaoChachoengsao
Loy Krathong floatsLoy Krathong ladyboy show at the Alcazar TheaterPattaya day trip
Ancient SiamSamut Prakan day trip Ma Tuk's housethe rest of Bangkok

Singapore, Nov 2008:
mandatory Singapore Sling

Weddings and US trips, 2007-08:

Eric & Dey's wedding

San Diego harbor

Burning Man 2008

Eric & Dey's wedding

all San Diego pics

Burning Man


Dave & Meghan's wedding

the bride arrives on horseback

wine tasting in Carlton

Dave & Meghan's wedding
(on celebratejoan.com)

Drew & Carlisle's

road trip to Oregon & back

Belize, Sept 2007:
life on Caye Caulker does *not* suck!Caulker
White Sands Cove pool in AmbergrisAmbergris Lamanai templesOrange Walk & Lamanai
Caracol ruinsCaracol ATM caveActun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Honduras, Aug 2007:
scuba-chillin in Utilascuba-chillin in Utila

Guatemala, Aug 2007:
hanging out with Bronwen and PercyGuatemala City
ruins lit up at nightAntigua Lago Atitlán and surrounding townsLago Atitlán area
Fuentes Georginas pool and barFuentes Georginas and Zunil San Andres XeculSan Andrés Xecúl
olympic hike up Volcan ChicabalVolcán Chicabal Momostenango and Los RiscosMomostenango
San Francisco el Alto marketSan Francisco el Alto Black Cat hostel in Xelaall pics from Xela and surrounding areas, including Black Cat hostel
crafty and persistent urchins at Chichi marketChichicastenango Nebal festival dancersNebaj and festival
typical mountain roadride through the Cuchumatanes mountains oktapodi enjoys Semuc ChampeySemuc Champey and Lanquín
Temple IV, TikalTikal Siete Altares waterfallsLivingston

The Ticabus ride from Costa Rica to Guatemala:
waiting in line forever at each bordercrossing borders by bus is FUN!

Costa Rica, July 2007:
sunset as seen from the Blue Dolphinpics from the raft-up and around Tamarindo capuchin monkey in Manuel Antonio parkQuepos and Manuel Antonio National Park
bus rides to Monteverdebus rides to Monteverde good times, good friends at Pension Santa Elenafun times at Pension Santa Elena

MonteverdeMonteverde Cloud Forest and Bajo del Tigre reserves

La FortunaLa Fortuna

no kidding, David Hasselfhoff also stayed here!Margarita´s Guesthouse in Alajuela

La Paz Waterfall GardensLa Paz Waterfall Gardens

shower art at Rockin J's hostelPuerto Viejo


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Frontone 33 Images
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garden 2011 36 Images
garden Mar2011 36 Images
Gradara 18 Images
Grand Palace Complex 22 Images
Guatemala City 13 Images
Habitat build 100 Images
Habitat Team 87 Images
Jersey 20 Images
Jesi-area wineries 20 Images
July 4th 17 Images
Kamloops 68 Images
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Kuala Lumpur 35 Images
Kuching 72 Images
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La Tavola Marche 41 Images
Le Marche 312 Images
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Mark 245 Images
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Mondavio 29 Images
Monteverde 55 Images
Murano 11 Images
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Osyrusfest 81 Images
Pão de Açúcar 59 Images
Passport DC 20 Images
Pattaya 34 Images
Penang 68 Images
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Perugia 33 Images
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Piobbico 27 Images
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Rio 284 Images
Sabah 102 Images
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San Diego 2010 101 Images
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Sant'Angelo in Vado 12 Images
Sarawak 72 Images
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